Welcome to our clog outlet!

Our clog outlet is open 365 days a year. Every day between 8 a.m. in the morning until 6 p.m. in the evening. Just open the door and walk in! Please note that there is several cameras outside and inside the outlet. These are recording at all times.

Our clog outlet has not got any staff. So you will have to manage everything on your own. From trying the clogs on all the way until payment.

You will find approximately 1 000 pairs of clogs in the outlet: discontinued models, discontinued colors, second sorting, cosmetic defects, trial shoes. But also a lot of flawless clogs! All shoes cost 300 Swedish crowns / pair.

Payment: all Swedish customers pay with swish. If you are not from Sweden you do probably not have swish. Then you will have to pay with cash. Either 300 Swedish crowns / pair or EUR 30 / pair. Put the cash in the box inside the clog outlet (sorry, you can not pay with card, paypal, wise or similar. Only cash. If you do not have cash in hand, the closest ATM is at ICA on Sandgatan in Falkenberg, 600 meters from where you are now: ICA Kvantum Falkenberg – Google Maps ).

Receipt: take a photo of the clog(s) you have paid for and send an email to marcus@marcussweden.se informing about your address. We will email you the receipt as soon as we can.

Special orders: Sure! However it will cost you more than 300 Swedish crowns / pair or EUR 30 / pair. And it will take at least 1 week to make them for you and we will need to add shipping cost so that we can send them to you. Take a photo of the model you like and a photo of the color you like. Send an email with your adress and phone number to marcus@marcussweden.se and we will return with a price for you. You can also order some models directly on www.marcussweden.com

Returns and complaints: rarely ever happens. If it does, please send an email to marcus@marcussweden.se and we will work it out.

Visiting the factory? If we are working in the factory, you will probably hear us on the other side of the wall. Most likely we are not able to accept visits (insurance reasons). But give me a call and see what is possible! +46 70 66 88 5 99.